Thursday, 19 July 2012

Memories of Darcy

The Darcy Building. Home to the Department of Real Estate and Construction for XX years (about 15 my sources tell me). We all had mixed feelings about leaving and so decided to document our favourite (and not so favourite) parts of the building. As the Department settles into its new home in the refurbished part of the Abercrombie Building (first floor) I thought it was time to share our memories of Darcy. We start outside the building and move from the ground floor (home to the Department of Planning) up the stairs to the first floor. Photos by Rachel Dixon, memories by everyone.

Looking in from the outside

The entrance canopy

The 'mirrored' ceiling downstairs

The broken toilet seat in the staff toilets downstairs (memory by Sally Sims)

The stairs (memory by Sofia Hussain)

The metal 'rope' on the stairs that you can play a tune on (thanks for that one Mark Austin). I'm not so sure. This was my best effort.

The plant trailing down the stairs (thanks Charlotte Morgan)

Looking down the corridor to the meeting area...

View from the window of the shell membrane roof structure (memory by Franco Cheung)

The combination door lock into the Department Office and the  combination is...

The Department Office (thanks Troll)

Our own kitchen. Sadly missed.

Peter Dent's favourite pink sofa

David Shiers and his Office (note the reflective computer screen - also used as a mirror I believe)

DEM37 - the air conditioning and the view (thanks Mike Patrick)

The Office of Nick French. How does he get so much stuff in there? Memory by Andressa Minogue. Fans of Nick's Office will be pleased to know that it is currently being recreated in AB105.

Gina Dalton and her magic cupboard. Used for storing printers but also large enough for  emergency chill-out sessions, yoga and smoothie drinking

What next for Darcy? Demolition (scheduled for September)

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